Clip-on RAM® Roller-Ball™ Paddle Holder

Clip-on RAM® Roller-Ball™ Paddle Holder

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This simple tool, lets you set your paddle or stakeout pole down quickly and quietly so you can make a quick cast, without spooking the fish. Great for sight fishing while standing in a kayak or paddle board and also works great for boat push poles. 

We paired the RAM® Roller-Ball™ with a 360 dual carabiner, that let's you clip it on anywhere and easily adjust the Roller-Ball to face outwards. Clip it on your belt, belt loop, pocket, lanyard or PFD. 


  • RAM® Roller-Ball™
  • 360 Dual Carabiner

Tips for using the Clip-on Paddle Holder:

The RAM® Roller-Ball™ comes spring loaded, under normal use on an accessory track this lets the paddle pop out quickly. For this clip-on, body mounted application, just remove the spring. Keep the spring incase you want to use for its traditional use later. 

  • For use with paddles:
    • Thinner paddles: Remove the spring. Set one blade of the paddle in the water and pop the paddle into the holder closer to other blade (or handle for SUP paddles).
    • Thicker paddles: Remove the spring. Find the center point and mark with a colored electrical tape. Place paddle into the holder at the center point. 
  • For use with stake out poles: Remove the spring. Place the pointy end in the water and pop the foam handle into the holder. 
  • For use with boat push poles: Remove the spring. Place one end in the water and pop the other end into the holder.