ActionHat Presents: Pokemon Fishing

  In all fairness, I think it's actually cool that kids (and grown-ass people) are out and about chasing these Pokemons with their phones. Getting outdoors and a little exercise is always a great thing.  On the other hand, you're still viewing life through a screen. Many people's reality has become "virtual", when the reality is available just outside their doors. It reminds me of a conversation I had by a campfire.  She looked up at the stars and geek out.  "It's like HD." She said.  I laughed. "This is what HD is trying to be. This is the 'Definition' of what 'High Definition' is trying to display." We both laughed.  On the same token, this is how I feel about...

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ActionHat Presents: Night Tarpon Fishing (EXPLICIT)

Part of targeting new species, on new waters is that by default - it’s going to be an adventure, due to the simple fact that you have never done this before. You add in the cloak of darkness and that adventure only becomes more amped... and eerie.  This was the case with my night fishing trip for Tarpon with Capt. Ross Gallagher aka @theintrepidangler. He’s been targeting these dinosaurs for the past 5 years, and he's got them pretty dialed in... Ross is a prime example of someone who has designed his life. Ironically, the process of lifestyle design is fluid, initially driven by compulsion and followed by a commitment to make it happen, and constantly adapting along the way. He was...

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