Smartphone Mounting Kit

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Easily and securely mount your smartphone or headlamp to the ActionHat, other GoPro mounts or tripod. Smartphone mount features two screw attachment points for mounting versatility. Fits most smartphones: 2.20 inches to 3.34 inches (56 mm to 85 mm).

IMPORTANT: The ActionHat cannot float with a smartphone attached. Please install and use mount as shown in picture for extra protection. Ensure screws are tighten prior to each use.

Tip: To semi-permanently secure your headlamp to the smartphone mount use double-sided tape or velcro.

ActionHat, headlamp, and smartphone NOT included.
NOT intended for high-impact activities.

Kit includes:
(1) Smartphone Mount
(1) GoPro to Tripod Adapter
(1) Short Mounting Screw


Smartphone Adapter for GoPro Mounts